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List of Foxcatcher movie inaccuracies posted directly from Mark Schultz

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List of Foxcatcher movie inaccuracies posted directly from Mark Schultz Empty List of Foxcatcher movie inaccuracies posted directly from Mark Schultz

Post by Yūdō Robotto on Sat Apr 25, 2015 11:33 am

Mark Schultz wrote:Against the advice of critics and haters (why are they even on my page anyway?) I'm going to post a short list made by a friend of the inaccuracies between Foxcatcher the book authored by Mark Schultz and the movie Bennett Miller created using the book as a rough draft.

1. The relationship between John du Pont and Mark Schultz was nothing more than an employee/employer relationship. Insinuations that there could have been anything beyond that is slander. Mark considered duPont the most disgusting and repulsive person he'd ever met. The first time Mark met duPont he was drunk with dandruff caked on his head and food caked on his teeth. He spat while he spoke. He was so drunk and/or drugged he was practically incoherent. In the movie he's not drunk. He's clean, coherent and wearing a clean white shirt. Mark considered duPont so repulsive had he been honest and told Mark he wanted to be part of the Villanova program, Mark would never have gone to Villanova.
Mark did not move to Pennsylvania to join Team Foxcatcher. He move there to become an assistant coach 20 miles away at Villanova. Putting "Team Foxcatcher" down under "club affiliation" on tournament entry forms was a minor part of the agreement and the only connection to "Foxcatcher" at first. Mark assumed duPont would fund wrestling and have nothing more to do with it in much the same way he did with Villanova basketball and swimming. du Pont told Mark that he would only come into the Villanova wrestling offices once every 3 months to check on things. That's why Mark agreed to coach at Villanova. Little did Mark know duPont wanted to be part of the Villanova wrestling staff. The movie shows Mark moving from an apartment in Wisconsin directly onto Foxcatcher Farms in Newtown Square, PA. Mark moved from his father's house in Palo Alto, CA into a rented apartment in Rosemont, PA near Villanova. In the movie Mark and Dave are without parents. Their parents are alive and well and were hurt when they're roles were diminished into insignificance. Some people even thought the Schultz's parents were dead.

2. The film depicts Mark as an Olympic Champion when Mark is called by duPont. In fact Mark was an Olympic and World Champion. In the 1985 World Championships Mark defeated every Soviet block country that boycotted the 1984 Olympics. He also won the US Open at 198 lbs, a weight above his normal weight of 180.5 and beat the 1985 World Champion at 198. The movie strips Mark of his 1985 world title.

3. The movie implies a time frame between 1985 to 1988/1989. The time frame was actually from 1986 to 1996. Dave and Mark were never at Foxcatcher Farms at the same time. Mark left Foxcatcher after the 1988 Olympics. Dave moved onto the farm in 1989, a year after Mark left. The movie implies Dave's murder was influenced by Mark leaving Pennsylvania. Dave was murdered 7 years after Mark left Pennsylvania and most likely was influenced by jealousy over Dave's relationship with Valentin Jordanov. Jordanov inherited 80% of duPont's fortune of more than 200 million $.

4. The movie shows Mark working as Dave's assistant at Wexler (a fictional school) and living in his own apartment when duPont called him. In reality Dave and Mark were both living with their father in their father's house in Palo Alto, CA while both worked as assistant coaches at Stanford. Dave was never a Division I University Head Coach. Mark was the Head Coach at Brigham Young University for 6 years and won the Western Athletic Conference Coach of the Year.

5. In the movie duPont shows Mark a newly built national training center. In reality that center wasnt built until a year after Mark left Pennsylvania when Dave arrived. The only places Mark had to train were either in the Villanova Butler Annex where they had to roll mats up and down every day or a mat in a converted shooting range on the Foxcatcher estate.

6. In the movie duPont fires a gun through the ceiling of his new training center. In fact duPont did bring a gun into the converted shooting range and even pointed it at the wrestlers and at Mark but he never fired a gun indoors.

7. The movie shows Dave negotiating a deal to pay Mark even if he's not at Foxcatcher. In reality Mark is the one who negotiated that deal to pay Dave the same as Mark when Dave was an assistant coach at Wisconsin.

8. In the movie Mark is portrayed as a dumb jock. In reality Mark won the Big 8 Medallion at Oklahoma U. for Student Athlete of the year. Mark got his masters degree with close to a 4.0 GPA.

9. The movie shows Mark teaching duPont wrestling moves. In fact Mark never showed any wrestling techniques to du Pont.

10. Mark never sat in duPont's corner in any matches. duPont only sat in Mark's corner once in a bulgarian dual which Mark lost and vowed never to let duPont sit in his corner again. duPont never sat in Mark's corner again including the 1988 Olympics.

11. In the movie it shows Mark being woken up at night to get dressed to practice with duPont in a room in duPont's mansion called “the gallery”. There were no mats in duPont's house or a room called the gallery.

12. Mark never frosted his hair or drank beer or alcohol.

13. UFC IX was a sold out No-holds-barred cage fight in Detroit's Cobo Arena with a crowd of 10,000. The movie shows Mark's cage fight as a kind of circus side show. Mark's opponent in UFC IX was black Canadian name Gary Goodridge (who's in the movie). In the movie Mark's opponent in a cage fight is a white guy.

14. DuPont never gave Mark a speech to read at an awards banquet. It's true duPont set up award banquets for himself to receive the awards he'd make and then have presented to himself. In the Movie's award banquet Mark reads that duPont was the "father he'd spent his life looking for.” In reality Mark never considered duPont a coach, a leader, a mentor, an example, a role model, or anything remotely close to a father figure. Mark is very close with his father Philip.

15. Mark didn't go to the 1987 World's with duPont in a lear jet.

16. duPont didn't sit in Mark's corner at the 1988 Olympics.

17. duPont and Mark were never on a Team Foxcatcher poster together. Mark was on a Team Foxcatcher poster alone.

18. Mark never gave duPont his medals to stick in duPont's trophy room. He kept his medals in storage.

19. DuPont never gave Mark any ornithology books or field glasses.

20. The movie shows UFC VIII on TV in 1988. The UFC started in 1993 and UFC VIII was in 1996. UFC IX was only 4 months after Dave's murder.

21. duPont never slapped Mark or he's have knocked him out.

22. Mark dated several girls at Villanova / Foxcatcher.

23. The movie shows Mark and Dave with very different personalities. According to their parents Dave and Mark were so similar in personality and technique they were almost like twins finishing each other's sentences.

24. In the movie it shows duPont hates his mother's horses. What the movie doesn't tell you is why he hates them so much. In fact when duPont was about 30 years old he told Mark he was riding one of the horses and it threw him onto a fence. He straddled the fence hitting his testicles. They became infected and had to be removed. He lived the rest of his life as an androgynous eunuch.
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