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Jurassic World Review (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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Jurassic World Review (CONTAINS SPOILERS) Empty Jurassic World Review (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Post by El Jefe on Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:05 am

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Keep in mind, this review is based off of only one viewing of the film. Opinions subject to change. (I also wrote this at 7 AM)

Where do I begin? I went into this movie, as I'm sure many did (and many will), with pretty low expectations. And I must say, the movie did not let me down. After a somewhat mediocre sequel and a just plain awful third film, you can see how one would not be expecting a lot from this movie. The trailers didn't help much either.

I'm going to try and not compare Jurassic World to Jurassic Park. I think the stars aligned for Jurassic Park. Right place, right time, right people. Right everything, really.

The stars did not align for Jurassic World, though. In fact, very few stars could even be seen.

Let's start with the characters.My first issue. (I feel like I have this issue with a lot of recent movies) I didn't really care for any of them. And by that I mean the movie gave me nothing to care about. Pratt had the only likeable (human)character in the movie. He's clearly the character that "speaks for the audience." However, there was something off about him. I'm don't know if it was the writing, or if this is a more stern character than I'm use to seeing him play... but I just couldn't take him that serious. This could have been intentional though.

There were 4-5 main human characters in the film. Two of which are the two kids you see in the trailers. I hope to god I wasn't supposed to care for these little shitrats, because let me tell you... I didn't. At all. In fact, I hated them. I disliked them more than the antagonist of the film.(He at least was written well and had a good actor) The fact that they have such a big role hurts the overall film.

But what about the Bryce Howard character? She's fine. I didn't dislike her. She's one of those characters who's just kind of there. She grows on you a little and becomes more likeable, but not enough to be of any real importance.

A minor issue I have is JW trying too hard to be nostalgic. There were many scenes/shots that were nearly direct copies from the first film. I get it. Jurassic Park was great and you're paying homage to it. Fine. But keep it subtle and don't force it. When you make it as blatant as JW did it just has that 'rip-off' vibe to it.

Also, there were many parts throughout the film, mostly in the beginning, where the film made the foreshadowing way too obvious. It was like they had big bold words on the screen saying "REMEMBER THIS! THIS IS IMPORTANT!" As soon as you saw it you instantly knew it was going to be brought back up again later on, or that it was going to have some kind of importance in the future. Have we as an audience gotten so dumb that we need things pointed out to us like that? I honestly almost felt insulted by how ignorant the movie seemed to think I was. (Again, this seems common these days.)

The next part contains spoilers! So, beware and all that good stuff.

Going back to the characters; The "tamed" raptors, if you will, always seemed very corny to me. And still sort of do. But they grow on you as the film moves along. So much that you actually start to like and cheer for them. They become a big part of the story and you could even argue that they're the best characters in the film. Unfortunately, by the time you do start to care for them the movie rips them away from you. Literally.

Another character I have a "problem" with is the guy that owns the park. They don't tell you anything about him. We're told he's an oil tycoon who John Hammond left his fortune and the park to. But we are never told why. Who is he? Where did he come from? Why did Hammond leave Jurassic Park and all his money to some Indian(I think he's Indian) oil tycoon? All we are told is he owns the park and he's learning how to fly a helicopter. That's it. He seemed like a good, likeable guy. Maybe it's just me, but a little back-story on him at the least wouldn't have hurt anything. I'm nitpicking here, I know.

The ending was hit and miss. I liked that they went the Godzilla route with the whole 'let's use monsters to fight the monster'. There was a missed opportunity here, though. After the Indominus Rex kills all but one of the raptors they bring out the T-Rex, who up until this point had no screen time. He eats a goat (Yay another throwback to the first film!) but they don't really show it. It seemed like they were going to redeem the third film, but they completely dropped the ball here. The T-Rex comes out and the nostalgia hits hard. The feels are real. (I'm still not sure if this is supposed to be the same Rex from JP, but it seemed like they were implying it.) Then as soon as you think he's going to be the hero he gets his ass kicked and is almost killed. And who saves the day? The fucking fish. The goddamn Mosasaurus is the one to take down the beast. I was really let down here.

Is this movie really that bad? Or did the first film just set the bar too high? There's an argument to be made here, but I'm leaning a little more toward the latter. The violence was turned up in this film compared the previous ones. That's always good. (Look at how much blood!)

All in all Jurassic World is not a terrible movie. I wouldn't even say it's bad. I'm not going to call it good though. It's certainly better than the third film, but how can it not be? You can even argue that it's better than The Lost World, but you'd be wrong and I'd hate you. In many ways Jurassic World seems like a very poor remake disguised as a sequel. A decent story surrounded by mediocre characters. The plus side? Dinosaurs are still fucking awesome.

P.S. I really, really, really miss animatronics.

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